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These projects are the ones I worked on during my internship at HEXBUG between January 2021 - September 2021. During my internship at HEXBUG, I was able to work with great teammates and experience diverse uses of Motion graphics in various media, from advertisement to Youtube channels and more. At the beginning of the internship, I was responsible for VEX World's new game introduction, from the research, idea, design to motion graphic, with the help of the senior motion designer. As I extended my internship, I expanded my field of experience by being part of a film crew, acting as an extra in the advertisements and Youtube videos, and being active in the meetings by coming up with ideas. 


During the early stages of my internship, I had the privilege of assuming full responsibility for the creation of the VEX World 2021 hype video, encompassing both IQ and VRC, with the invaluable guidance of a Senior designer. This endeavor posed an invigorating challenge as I embarked on a journey of artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries of design aesthetics and motion techniques to deliver a captivating project.

VEX WORLD 2021 Process Book

Software: PS, AE

HEXBUG Youtube Channel

Throughout my tenure in the internship, I actively participated in the production of diverse YouTube videos for the esteemed HEXBUG channel. This encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including assisting in video shooting, designing assets such as the lower thirds, incorporating advanced techniques in Adobe After Effects to simulate torch fire, and seamlessly integrating captivating motion graphics.


After VEX World, I worked on the title design for the HEXBUG Youtube channel video 'Build with Me'. 

Design/Motion Experiment 

Software: Ai, AE

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