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These projects are the ones I worked on during my internship at HEXBUG between January 2021 - September 2021. During my internship at HEXBUG, I was able to work with great teammates and experience diverse uses of Motion graphics in various media, from advertisement to Youtube channels and more. At the beginning of the internship, I was responsible for VEX World's new game introduction, from the research, idea, design to motion graphic, with the help of the senior motion designer. As I extended my internship, I expanded my field of experience by being part of a film crew, acting as an extra in the advertisements and Youtube videos, and being active in the meetings by coming up with ideas. 


From the start of the internship, I was lucky to be responsible for the full projects of  VEX World 2021 Hype video for both IQ and VRC. It was a new challenge for me as I explored a new design style and motion for the project. 

VEX WORLD 2021 process book

Software: PS, AE


After VEX World, I worked on the title design for the HEXBUG Youtube channel video 'Build with Me'. 

Design/Motion Experiment 

Software: Ai, AE

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