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Project PC방 is to introduce and give an idea of PC Bang to others who do not know, so they want to visit PC Bang when they travel to South Korea.  


Have you heard of PC Bang? Bang means A compartment made with walls

for people to live or work, which is why it is also known as a PC café. It is easily accessible due to its multiple locations all across Korea. Their locations are usually near the subway stations or close by to university campuses and their signboards are easily recognizable with their large ’PC’ letters. It is a widely popular place to hang out with friends, work on schoolwork or even class registration.


One of the most popular reasons Koreans go to PC bang is to play games. As an incentive PC Bang offers certain benefits to their players and customer, some might include a 20% XP bonus and trying all the champions for free. The 27~32inch monitors, gaming computer high-end keyboard, mouse, and headset enhances the average gaming experience motivating gamers come play at the PC bang.


Also, PC bang is 24h, so if you don’t have a place to go after the party because transportation has stopped for the night it is a place you should go! You can choose the amount of time you want to spend starting at 50 minutes for only $0.84. You can also order food to help you get through the hangovers! Like some instant ramen, burgers, and many other affordable options. Welcome to PC Bang.

Software used: After effect, photoshop

Music: Red velvet - Russian Roulette


PC BANG / PC방     PC BANG / PC방     PC BANG / PC방       PC BANG / PC방 

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