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PATRONUS AI: End of Year

Patronus AI's 2023 Rewind summarizes the company's achievements and highlights critical milestones. Erica drafted a clear plan with guidelines, timelines, tools, and techniques.

Client: Patronus Ai

Role: Concept, Design, Animation

Tools: After Effect


Patronus AI is the leading automated AI evaluation and security company. Our world-class platform enables enterprise development teams to score LLM performance, generate adversarial test cases, benchmark LLMs, and more. Customers use Patronus AI to detect LLM mistakes at scale and deploy AI products safely and confidently.

As an Art Director and Producer, my job was to create a team that could create logo animations and hype videos for the launching event of Patronus AI in both New York City and San Francisco. I designed the logo based on the client's request, using a typeface as an object to create and convey the excitement and emotion of launching and opening a new chapter for Patronus AI.

Client: Patronus Ai

Role: Art Director, Design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator


Animation: Nicole Lin

Sound Design: Alex Han

Design Exploration

Design Style_01

Design Style_02

Design Style_03