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Behind The Scene 

Collaboration Project / Conference Pitch / 2022

Role: Concept / Design

Designer: Cathy Lin, Erica Kim, Muriel Choi


Behind every creative process, there’s a behind-the-scenes development that is equally as complex and informative as the final product.

For this year’s Comotion, the theme of ‘balance’ was our inspiration, as we embarked on the search for elements that could be both equally as well as empowering to each other. We centered our concept around a theater play, that uses backstage as a representation of the process of creating motion media design.

Kindly join us as we uncover the behind the scene of Motion Media.

Initial Storyboard
For the storyboard, Cathy, Erica and Muriel came up with individual storyboard, than combines and edit the storyboards together.
Final Storyboard