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For this year’s suite of illustrious global awards competitions, The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) chose Flavor Studio to unify each show’s visual packaging to connect them while giving each a distinct identity.

During the Spring internship at Flavor Studio as a Design and Animation Intern, I was fortunate to participate from the beginning to the end of the AICP branding project. 

Client: AICP

Studio: Flavor Studio

Role: Design, Animation

Tools: After Effect, Procreate

I was first tasked with researching attractive and exotic-shaped flowers. Afterward, I created a paint brush stroke animation by creating paint strokes with acrylic paint on paper, which I later brought to After Effect to create each paint animation asset for the AICP Post award package. Later, I joined as a designer, responsible for creating a style frame, from choosing the color to creating patterns in After Effects with the help and guidance of the Art Director Mack Neaton and animating style frames with the direction of the Creative Director Brad Backofen. And the last, I worked on creating the composition for the background setting for the AICP sponsor reel, working with Creative Director Brian McCauley.


I used black acrylic paint on the paper to create diverse shapes and sizes of brush strokes. I later brought it to Photoshop to develop individual assets and animate them in After Effects, subsequently labeling them with numbers for efficiency for later processes. 

Before creating the design in After Effects, I used Procreate to make quick sketches for the styleframe.

Design flowers in Procreate, using 3D model created from Flavor team.


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